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The VMS-540 is a volumetric intrusion detector designed to identify human beings within a protected area, by sensing mass changes, as well as utilizing Line Frequency Modulation to improve the detection of moving targets, which standard Doppler detectors cannot handle well.

  VMS-540 Detection zone pattern
  VMS-540 Detection zone pattern

This device can be used to protect rooftops, sides of buildings and parking lots, as well as solid objects, such as vehicles. Upon detection of an intrusion, the VMS-540 outputs an alarm through a normally closed dry relay contact, by opening it. The device can be attached to a wide variety of other devices, such as video cameras or floodlights.


Technical specifications

Detection zone length:
40m (130ft)
Detection zone width: 16m (50ft)
Temperature range: -40° to +65° (-40° to +149°F)
Relative air humidity: Up to 100 % at +25° (+77°F)
Rain intensity: Up to 20 mm/h
Wind speed: Up to 25 m/s gusts
Allowed snow level: Up to 0.6m (2ft)
Allowed grass level: Up to 0.3m(1ft)
Power: 12V - 24V DC
Power consumption:
60 mA @ 24V DC
Transceiver size:
165x125x56mm (6.5"x4.9"x2.2")
600g (1.32lbs)



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