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What We Do

Our products and services fall under 4 key categories:

Physical Security & Fire

Defence & Intelligence

Cyber Security


Flexible Approach

We offer products and services for Civilian markets and for Military / Law Enforcement use (end user certificates required, subject to export control restrictions)

Perimeter Protection

We’ve been a known player in the perimeter protection market, for many years, with multiple awards won

Video Management and Physical Security Information Management Systems

Our VMS and PSIM are built to integrate with virtually every camera and every device, no matter the manufacturer and/or the technology


Our advanced radars offer an ability to detect and track thousands of moving targets, from drones to aircraft, from small boats to large ships, etc, combined with unparalleled affordability

Lawful Interception & Open Source Intelligence

We offer an advanced suite of tactical and operational interception and geo location tools, metadata collection and analysis, etc. Our intelligence solutions are based on Open Source data collection, with unparalleled abilities, saving thousands of man hours

Forensic Investigations

We can extract data from mobile phones and computers, and provide forensic investigation services for cyber security breaches

Armoured Personnel Carriers

Modular components include chemical defence and fire suppression systems, to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s occupants, a variety of night vision and situation awareness systems, computerized guidance and much more

German Spec Op 370

A well known leader in the field of Perimeter Security, we’ve worked tirelessly to expand our product lines, and cover other aspects, such as Fire Protection. At the same time, we actively work in the Defence, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence sectors

Perimeter Protection and Radars

Fire Protection

Consulting and Investigative Services

Global Reach

Our products and services are being used in over 60 countries worldwide

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A tightly integrated suite of products

In the nearly 2 decades we’ve been around, we’ve worked on creating multiple products, in the fields of Defence, Law Enforcement and Intelligence, which can be both used on their own, and interconnected to achieve complex goals

Lawful interception & Open Source Intelligence

Cyber Security

Armoured Personnel Carriers

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