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Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Affordable fire extinguishing solutions

Automatic fire extinguishing units are used to protect facilities of various sizes, such as engine bays, engine rooms, etc. They can also be used in a variety of vehicles, to put out fires in engine compartments and inside the cabin. As the units are maintenance free, they can be installed in hard to reach spots, not taking up valuable space.
Every high-performance fire suppression unit is filled with a patented fire extinguishing liquid, for use against Class A (Solid combustibles), B (Flammable liquids), C (Flammable gas) and E (Energized electrical equipment) fires.
* in the case of a Class C fire, additional sensors are required, to verify that no explosion can occur (i.e. the surrounding environment is not combustible).

Distributed Architecture

Can be set up as part of a facility wide fire suppression system


2, 5 or 10 Litres

Maintenance Free

Can go for up to 10 years without refilling or maintenance

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