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Armoured Vehicles

Unique vehicle armouring solutions

Risk mitigation, Security, Safety – big corporate keywords, which don’t cover the most important aspect of the armoured vehicle industry – the ability to save lives. This is a daily reality for our armourers, our quality assurance technicians, our project planners, and even back office personnel – what we do actually matters.
Because it matters, we put extra attention on the finer details of vehicle armouring, like welding over rivets, like creating seamless panels and many other things, which have a considerable impact on blast mitigation, injury protection, etc.
At the same time, we are big believers in visual aesthetics, which is why we also specialize in custom interiors, which are painstakingly handcrafted – we’ve produced vehicles rivalling top Swiss watches, in the attention to detail and the feeling of luxury.
Through our affiliated companies and partners, we have a large portfolio of specialty vehicles, ranging from luxury vehicles, to convoy jammers and armoured personnel carriers. We build cash-in-transit vehicles, and we allow police forces, worldwide, to do their jobs, knowing we’ve got their backs.
We are proud to list well known law enforcement agencies, militaries, banks and other corporate clients as our established customers – join this elite list today – ask us how.

High Quality

Extreme attention to detail is our main goal


A wide variety of armouring options allows us to serve clients for all of their needs

Explosion Proof

One of a kind, explosion proof gas tank – does not explode even if penetrated by a bullet, and a fire starts

Fire Suppression

We offer unique automatic fire suppression systems, both for the engine compartment and the inside of the vehicle

Custom Interiors

We specialize in creating custom interiors, based on the client’s wishes and our vast portfolio of handcrafted materials

Special Purpose

We build special purpose vehicles, anywhere from convoy jammer vehicles to medevac and mobile field surgery units

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