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Secure Communications

Options for both corporate and government organizations

STR’s Secure Phone division was created in 2013, by hiring veterans in the cyber security industry, possessing in depth knowledge and expertise in mobile cyber security and cyber-attack methods.
STR’s solutions deliver the world’s most advanced mobile cyber defence technology, designed to protect organizations, governments and professionals against all mobile security threats with military grade mobile cyber defence enhanced user experience.
STR’s mobile defence solutions are already deployed globally, both in governments and commercial organizations.

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Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience in the mobile security industry, and successful relationships with customers. It is based on innovation and expertise in cyber defence technology and constant updates of security threats.
Our products include:

Fortress - Secure Device Solution

A best of breed military grade mobile security solution for data protection. On the end user mobile devices, we offer a stock Android experience, utilizing high end handsets, for a seamless user experience. On the server side, we employ a variety of unique tools, serving both government and enterprise users, to ensure secure communications and secure data links

Argus - Modular Threat Protection (MTP)

A robust, enterprise-centric, risk-based, contextual and privacy aware mobile security solution

Auris - Secure Communication App for iOS

A secure communication application for iOS and STR users for cross platform support

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