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Public Private Partnerships

Global investment expertise

Countries often face pressure to upgrade their airport and seaport security, but do not have the financial means to do so – this is where we come in.
We specialize in operating complex airport and seaport, passenger and cargo security screening missions, within the framework of a Public-Private Partnership, with capital outlay and investment into the host country’s infrastructure.
Our executives have many years of experience in the aviation industry, having worked in over 60 countries worldwide. Many of our employees and directors are ICAO and/or IATA certified.
We bring a lot to the board, including, but not limited to, unique trace detection luggage, cargo and vehicle screening solutions (for narcotics, explosives, weapons, etc), personnel screening, advanced radars, advanced video surveillance with unique facial recognition, and event recognition capabilities (imagine looking for events, the way you would use Google search), advanced training, and high end risk based targeting systems for recognizing irregular shipping patterns and the need for additional screening.
Our technical personnel are well versed in delivering the following:

Access Control systems

Integrated with our Command & Control, and many other systems

Biometric systems

Fingerprint, iris, blood vessel, hand shape, etc

Immigration Control systems

Passport and ID readers, software, API/PNR (APIS), no fly list verification

Intelligent Video Analysis systems

Erratic behaviour detection, abandoned luggage, etc

Surveillance systems

Advanced CCTV on fast fibre optic networks, with cutting edge video analytics

Public Announcement and Communications systems

Unique PA solutions and mass notification systems

Explosives Detection systems

Unique, patented Trace Chemical Detection systems, able to find small amounts of explosives, inside luggage and cargo, without opening it

Weapons Detection systems

Walk Through Metal Detectors incorporating unique algorithms, and ferromagnetic detectors aimed at finding concealed weapons

Narcotics Detection Systems

Unique, patented Trace Chemical Detection systems, able to find small amounts of drugs, inside luggage and cargo, without opening it

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