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Physical Security Information Management System

Highly customizable PSIM solution

Our Command & Control Centre product and related solutions are classical PSIM (Physical Security Interface Management) systems, with a tremendous advantage of a low price, combined with a high degree of customizability. We can integrate multiple devices and systems (often unrelated and not connected in any way), into a single, unified, and completely homogenous control interface.
The system can collect and display information from systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter Protection, GIS, Building Management Systems and many more, as well as control these devices.
We have incident resolution algorithms, as well as incident reporting systems. Advanced video surveillance with unique facial recognition, and event recognition capabilities allow our system to take on the most complex security and safety missions imaginable.
Incorporating the C&C, our Integrated Security and Safety platform is a combination of hardware and software, allowing to deploy systems of any complexity and adjust them to the specific requirements of the project.

Control Centre


Simultaneously control multiple systems


Significantly reduce false alarms


Provide support to local government agencies

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