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Perimeter Protection

Award winning perimeter protection

With outdoor detection being an integral part of many security system strategies, our company is well known worldwide for its warranty service, training and technical support, ensuring that dealers and installers have everything they require.
STR’s product line-up includes the award winning “IMB” and “VMS” series Microwave Barrier and Volumetric Sensor systems, . Utilizing these systems, we designed a unique, patent pending multi-layered security solution targeted at car and truck dealers, truck yards, supply and logistics organizations, military, prisons and law enforcement installations.
Utilizing our proven technology and our advanced microprocessor architecture, our devices are able to distinguish between a perpetrator and a flock of geese, minimizing the amount of false alarms.
The system is designed to continuously learn and adjust to changing weather and terrain conditions – it is able to understand changing snow height, varying rain and wind speed conditions and etc.
The advantages don’t stop there – the systems are encased in extremely attractive, extra small footprint shatter and weather proof plastic, rated for temperatures of up to -60°C.
Our IMB series microwave barriers offer transmitter/receiver combos, covering ranges from 10 to 800m (30 to 2,500ft).
Our VMS series volumetric transceivers cover ranges from 4 to 80m (13 to 260ft) and offer zone width ranging from 5m to 24m (16 to 80ft).
*during the redesign of our website, we’ve decided to do away with individual product pages, and offer a general overview. As our products are listed in the Anixter and ADI systems, you can reach out to us or to your distributor for product specifics. As always, we are available for free system design assistance.

IMB and VMS series

The IMB series of intrusion detectors, are bi-static transmitter/receiver sets, designed to identify human beings within a protected area. These detectors should be used along the perimeter of buildings or open spaces, in-between buildings, borders and etc.

Upon the detection of an intrusion, the IMB outputs an alarm through a normally closed dry relay contact, by opening it. A standard IMB kit includes: a transmitter, a receiver, all mounting hardware for pole and wall mount applications, pole straps and an installation manual.


Detection zone length: 50m (165ft)

Detection zone width: 1.5m (5ft)

Detection zone height: 1.2m (4ft)


Detection zone length: 100m (330ft)

Detection zone width: 2m (6.5ft)

Detection zone height: 1.6m (5.2ft)


Detection zone length: 200m (650ft)

Detection zone width: 3m (10ft)

Detection zone height: 1.8m (6ft)


Detection zone length: 300m (1,000ft)

Detection zone width: 4m (13ft)

Detection zone height: 2m (6.5ft)


Detection zone length: 800m (2,600ft)

Detection zone width: 1.5m (5ft)

Detection zone height: 1.8m (6ft)


Detection zone length: 150m (500ft)

Detection zone width: 2.5m (8.2ft)

Detection zone height: 1.8m (6ft)

The VMS series are volumetric intrusions detector designed to identify human beings within a protected area, by sensing mass changes, as well as utilizing Line Frequency Modulation to improve the detection of moving targets, which standard Doppler detectors cannot handle well.


Detection zone length: 40m (130ft)

Detection zone width: 16m (50ft)


Detection zone length: 60m (200ft)

Detection zone width: 24m (80ft)


Detection zone length: 80m (260ft)

Detection zone width: 5m (16ft)


Detection zone length: 4-20m (13-65ft)

Detection zone width: 16m (52ft)


Detection zone length: 4-30m (13-100ft)

Detection zone width: 10m (33ft)

MDS Series

Detection zone length: 10 to 100m per zone (33 to 330ft) up to a maximum of 20 zones

Detection zone width: 3m (10ft)

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