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Rapid Deployment Perimeter Protection

Award winning perimeter protection

Building on the success of our award winning IMB series, we’ve developed a mobile version, called the MDS. You can easily carry anywhere from 4 to 20 x 100m (300ft) zones and a remote control, in a lightweight backpack, allowing you to instantly secure perimeters of up to 2km (1.25mi). With battery life of up to 60 days, you can rely on our systems for multiple deployments.
For longer term, rapid installations, with complex detection abilities and a private communication network, enter our RDS series. The detectors are buried in the ground, and can remain unattended (while in active use) for up to 5 years – this is how long our batteries last. A series of these detectors create a private, mesh communication network, which allows security teams on the ground, to communicate via text messages on a dual encrypted radio channel, and extending the communication reach for sensors installed up to 100km (60mi) from the user. The detectors can be used as in-ground listening stations and more – contact us today, for more details.

MDS and RDS series

The MDS series of intrusion detectors, are bi-static transmitter/receiver sets, designed to identify human beings within a protected area. These detectors should be used around aircraft, vehicles, important installations, borders and etc.

Upon the detection of an intrusion, the MDS outputs an alarm to a wireless receiver, which can be located up to 1km (0.6mi) away from the protect area, and in addition to a visual alarm, can also output an alarm  through a normally closed dry relay contact, by opening it (in other words, you can connect it to other types of transmission equipment). A standard MDS kit includes: 4 or more sets of transmitters/receivers, tripods (although the detectors can be used with a variety of things – tie them to a tree or attach them to a bridge), batteries, remote control, vehicle and regular chargers.


Very light weight = high portability

Weather resistant

Easily works in -40° to +50°, with snow and high humidity

Long battery life

Long lasting batteries work up to 60 days between charges

Flexible configuration

Secure up to 2km (1.25mi)

Detect fast targets

Detect targets moving at a speed of up to 144 km/h (90 mi/h)

Remote control

A convenient remote control, used both on the move, and in permanent installations

The RDS system is built for use in remote locations, effectively utilized by military and energy producing clients around the world. It’s long battery life, extreme ease of operation, and it’s unique feature set, have long been a staple with many satisfied customers. It fits the “set and forget” mindset of many security professionals very well, and at the same time it allows you to collect a wealth of information and produce outstanding results. The sensors are also offered in an “Ex” certified configuration, for use in volatile environments, to prevent a chance of an explosion.


A compact seismic detector, identifying humans and vehicles at distances of 100m (300ft) and 200m (600ft) respectively, including the direction they are headed in.


A multifunctional video surveillance system, working in tandem with the APRS detectors. The available options include traditional CCTV and a thermal camera.


The PARC is designed to receive alarm signals, as well as send and receive text messages from other users on the network. The device contains a GPS receiver.

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