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Safe City

Integrated Surveillance and 911/112 systems

We live in an age of increasing threats and many occurrences of terrorism, and criminal events create anxiety and may lead to civil unrest. Security forces strive to mitigate issues, and we are hard at work to assist them in this task.

As an example, the Westgate mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya could have had less casualties, and faster response:
    • Armed people riding on motorcycles, could have been spotted either by control centre operators, or potentially video analytics
If any one of the terrorists is on a wanted list, and a clear photo exists, a potential facial match could have been produced from when they were entering the mall (if the systems are tied in of course), and an alarm would have been produced.
    • A third party gunshot detection system would have immediately alerted police to the beginning of the attack, and our system would have immediately dispatched the nearest police units to the scene, greatly reducing response time
    • Our emergency mass notification system could have sent text messages to all citizens in the area, to stay away from the mall, and to immediately evacuate it – this would have helped reduce the panic and the ensuing casualties
    • Our 911/112 component would have served in a faster dispatch scenario, along with efficient blue force tracking
    • Our Integrated Safety and Security platform allows to implement solutions that fully comply with the requirements of international standards for 911/112 emergency call systems, and can be easily integrated with other components of regional and federal security systems

Our security platform provides all the necessary functions for receiving and processing emergency calls, controlling the response to requests, for interdepartmental coordination and for informational authority support.
Due to its excellent functionality, the STR security platform is the solution of choice for creating Emergency Call Centres , Unified Emergency Dispatch Services for any operator, and automatization of emergency services (Ambulance, Fire, Police, Utility, etc.)
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