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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Wide range of unique equipment

With industrial espionage on the rise, Technical Counter Surveillance Measures are growing in their importance in the business community. The intelligence and law enforcement communities have long used these types of devices, and while we continue our activities in the government sector, we are now able to sell a variety of devices and services to corporate clientele.
Being a manufacturer and integrator of a wide range of counter-surveillance and anti-terrorism devices, we can provide flexible solutions to problems of any complexity, at a competitive price.
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We offer a wide range of TSCM devices, and related consulting services, among them are:

Non linear junction detectors

Detect and locate eavesdropping electronics, mobile phones and SIM cards or any other devices regardless if they are active or not

RF detectors - frequency counters

The devices are designed to detect and locate in a near zone most surveillance devices using various radio frequencies

Wireline Analyzers

Designed to detect and locate eavesdropping devices, galvanically connected to power and low-current wire lines in the inspected object

Confidential Conversation Protection

We have a variety of devices, which block signals, neutralize recorders, etc

Communications Signal Suppressors

A type of jammers, with a very small footprint, and high mobility

TSCM Consulting

We can come to you, whether it is for a bug sweep, or for a complex counter espionage operation

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