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Heavy duty radar, at a fraction of regular cost

The marketing pitch is very simple – our radar is compact, works up to 3km, consumes little power (just like our award winning perimeter sensors), and is the cheapest in the marketplace – a claim we are happy to back up.
The technical end of things is a bit longer – our device is an active coherent short-range radar, which has high range and Doppler resolutions, but has no angle resolution at all – angle coordinates are calculated and determined by using monopulse methods.
The device is used for detection of the moving objects on an open hard surface (man, animals, vehicles, etc.) or on a water surface (scooters, boats, ships, etc) within the detection zone.
The output information of the device provides tracking of objects in real time, with information including range, azimuth, vector of speed, radar cross section (RCS), object type for each detected object.
It is a solid state, totally electronic device without moving parts with digital algorithms of the synthesis and signal processing based on the specialized microprocessor.
Click here to download the specifications.

Seahawk Radar

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