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Armoured Personnel Carriers

Custom Armoured Personnel Carriers

Introducing the Land Raider, Conqueror and Rhino Armoured Personnel Carriers – safety, mobility, and design, combined into affordable packages.

The APC market offers a lot of choice, companies large and small, a plethora of options, and varying degrees of quality. What sets us apart, is that our APCs can be equipped with a lot of our own, unique technology (such as the explosion proof gas tank or the automated fire suppression system, and much more), our extreme attention to detail and quality, and last, but not least, extremely competitive pricing.
We offer multiple customization options, focusing on the following elements:
  • Armour plating – Can be armoured up to STANAG 4569 Level 3 and beyond
  • Glass protection – Ballistic glass and anti projectile lips
  • Wheels – All terrain wheels allow maximum traction
  • Radiator – Reinforced radiator protection
  • Customizable interior – up to 12 seats, map/command table, etc.
  • High end electronic systems, both for tactical and protection needs
*subject to End User Certificate and export control restrictions

Land Raider APC

Conqueror APC

Rhino APC

High Ground Clearance

To allow crossing difficult obstacles and fording shallow bodies of water

High Quality

Extreme attention to detail is our main goal


One of a kind, explosion proof gas tank – does not explode even if penetrated by a bullet. A wide variety of armouring options allows us to serve clients for all of their needs

Unique Suspension

Allows considerable lean angles and tight turning circles

Additional Equipment

Universal mounting systems allow the installation of additional equipment, from turret based machine guns, to crowd control devices

Modular Components

Modular components include chemical defence systems, to ensure the safety of the vehicles occupants, a variety of night vision and situation awareness systems, computerized guidance and much more

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