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Cyber Forensic Services

A multitude of integrated services

As part of our Digital Investigations offering and our CyberSecurity initiatives, we offer the following services:
Incident Support – notify us as soon as an incident has occurred, and we will immediately establish a mobile command centre, where we will be able to effectively direct efforts to contain the situation, and recover from it.
Cloud, Network, System & Device Forensics – once an incident has occurred, we can initiate in-depth reviews of various devices and transmission systems.
Penetration Testing & Red Team Exercises – penetration testing is often “reverse forensics”, if you will – if we can find a way in, the very same way might have been used in a previous incident.
Data Preservation & Recovery – we can preserve and recover a wide variety of data.
Litigation Support – further down the line, we can provide full litigation support (including legal practitioners we are affiliated with), digital evidence, etc.
Expert Witness Testimony – as part of our Litigation Support, we offer credible and capable Expert Witnesses, who are former law enforcement officers, in the field of Digital Investigations.
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