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Anti-Explosion Products

Unique anti-explosion solutions

Introducing our patent pending, award winning ExProof technology.
Imagine taking something as small as an existing motorcycle or vehicle gas tank, or something as large as a storage drum at an oil terminal, and setting it on fire. The result is obvious – it will explode. With our unique metal alloy mesh liner, an explosion is impossible – a fire will occur, however it will not grow to catastrophic proportions, and left unattended it will simply burn out.
This technology works equally well with oil, gasoline and liquefied gas. Since it is based on pure physics, no alteration of the chemical properties of the protected commodity can occur at any time.
To explain the technology in simple terms, it literally prevents the formation of catastrophic pressure, after vapours or gases ignite. The alloy mesh allows dividing the container into small cell like portions, which don’t allow any flames to grow and spread. In addition to the above, the material is made out of a high heat absorbing alloy, which serves to absorb the heat created during the chemical reaction.
This technology can be used to stabilize liquid fuels for transportation, extend the shelf life of fuel containers, prevent internal oxidation and corrosion of the fuel containers – the list of advantages is large, and still growing.
The best part yet, is that our technology is completely maintenance free – install and forget.
*we also carry Ex rated security equipment – please look under the Physical Security section in our Products.


Prevent Explosions

Offers 100% petroleum product explosion prevention

No Construction

No need to build expensive explosion prevention structures

No Maintenance

The technology is based on physics, so it is maintenance free

No Static Electricity

Prevents the buildup of static electricity, which can lead to explosions

Reduce Costs

Prevents the corrosion and oxidation of fuel storage tanks and related facilities

Fully Reusable

The technology is fully reusable and transferrable from tank to tank

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