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Port Security Consulting

Decades of port security experience

Our executives have many years of experience in the maritime industry, having worked in over 60 countries worldwide. We provide integrated security solutions, project delivery and ISPS/IMO compliance assistance.
We’ve worked on security upgrades in ports both large and small, so we understand how to effectively scale solutions up and down, resulting in cost savings, process optimization, increased revenue and a positive effect on the flow of commerce.
We specialize in the design and auditing of port security systems, followed by process and procedure, on which we offer both training and enforcement.
On the operational and legislative end of things, we conduct risk assessments, followed by realistic and achievable recommendations, which will help pass any relevant audits, as well as improve the overall security environment at the port.
We offer assistance in the development of security plans, any MARSEC, IMO ISPS/SOLAS related matters, etc, having a vast amount experience in doing so, world wide.
We also help resolve legislative issues, and offer advice on proper legal terminology and wording.
When we set up operations, we have a lot of our own, unique equipment, so we can deliver results quickly – we specialize in unique trace detection, as an example, which provides tangible success. We set up drone jamming equipment, of our own make – our system is tellingly called the “Crystal Dome”, and our goal is to offer a secure environment not only in and around the port, but also above it.
If incidents of any sort occur at a port, we offer post event analysis, with detailed reports and an action plan, in order to prevent such matters from occurring again.
On the training end of things, some of the activities offered are:

X-ray operation training

We put a lot of stock into small things, such as limited attention spans, proper rotations techniques, working with Threat Image Projection systems, etc.

Red team training

Specialty training for port penetration, and analysis of lessons learned from having a red team infiltrate a port, carrying weapons, prohibited items, etc.

K9 handling

Our K9 experts have decades of experience with training and breeding dogs – we offer complete turnkey solutions, including building a kennel.

Train the trainer

We select the best individuals on a port security team, and we train them to become trainers for new recruits, as well as existing personnel.

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