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Open Source Intelligence

Unique OSINT solutions

Imagine seeing a multi – dimensional view of individuals – on a human pixel by human pixel analysis of your targets. This is based on their networks, behaviours and preferences – all accessed from publicly available data.
Easily uncover primary relationships including close advisors, relatives, friends, business partners, influencers, intermediaries and communication pathways.
Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use avatars, thus limiting potential negative interaction with the suspects and their networks.
Our Wayfarer platform puts core AI and deep cognitive learning to work for those who have the responsibility for investigation, vetting, and other security-related activities.
We don’t just connect existing dots – we create new dots.
What seems like random and inconsequential interactions, behaviours or interests, suddenly become clear and help glean new information.
Our clients include global enterprises, consulting firms, security organizations and law enforcement agencies.
The AI is powered by one of the industry leaders, giving us access to an unprecedented amount of data processing power and analysis abilities.
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