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Award winning jamming devices

WiFi jammers – by sending a particular white noise signal, in a given bandwidth, we are able to effectively jam WiFi and/or Bluetooth links. We can custom program any of our devices to work on particular frequencies, as per your requirements.
Mobile phone jammers – our devices broadcast a signal, using your phone’s frequency, blocking its connection to the tower, and preventing it from making calls, using data, and sending/receiving text messages (essentially this is a kind of a Denial of Service event). Using our IMSI catcher, we can offer selective jamming, based on your requirements.
GPS jammers – GPS jammers interrupt satellite signal, thus making any GPS dependent device (such as a drone) lose its navigation and an ability to use the RTH (Return Home) function.
Drone jammers – we are able to effectively jam drone communication links, as well as detect the said drones.
IED jammers – neutralizing remote control detonation devices, making many roadside bombs useless, thus protecting police, military and VIP vehicles and personnel.
In addition to hardware sales, we offer consulting services, integrating our jammers into complete, turn-key solutions, solving various issues, from drone detection and jamming, prison cell phone jamming, to armoured VIP cortege / convoy jammer vehicles.

*during the redesign of our website, we’ve decided to do away with individual product pages, and offer a general overview. Please contact us for product specifics. As always, we are available for free system design assistance.

Wide variety of jamming devices

We have a wide variety of data sheets and technical material available upon request, on all of the devices in our lineup.

CWJ Series

WiFi Jammers

CST Series

Vehicle Mounted jammers

CTP Series

Tactical Portable jammers

CDJ Series

Drone jammers

CPJ Series

Prison jammers

CND Series

Non-linear Junction Detectors

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